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CNet awards JobTabs Job Search and Resume five stars.



“How about a resume writing aid that actually helps you find a job by organizing, improving, and facilitating your job search? JobTabs Job Search & Resume is just such a miracle worker. . . .”

5 Stars - Editor's Choice -

Spectacular! - CNet Editorial Review Board

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A full, unrestricted license of JobTabs is only $49.95  $29.95a pittance in relation to the amount of work it can save you.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward     Its not a numbers game.

  • Tailor your resume to every job application.  JobTabs makes it so easy to do!
  • Don't know how to write a resume?  Use the built-in resume builder to hold your hand.
  • Save time and energy by making job applications easier to do.
  • JobTabs allows all of the work you do to build on itself.  Work you did yesterday is work that pays dividends today!

Check out our Slideshow!  A walking tour of JobTabs

Stay motivated     Its not about working harder - its about working smarter.

  • Say goodbye to the energy draining drudgery that has been the job search for so many.
  • JobTabs allows you to focus on selling yourself instead of weighing you down with staying organized.
  • With JobTabs, the more employment opportunities you pursue the easier it becomes to pursue others.

Get organized     Harness the details.

  • Manage your working relationships with such detail they will convince themselves they are the only one you are working with.
  • Keep it all in sync with world class crossreferencing.
  • JobTabs is a job seeker's personal CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • You will always have an exact copy of every resume you have sent to every employer.
  • Keep it all in one place! This includes MS Word documents, hyperlinks to resources on your harddrive, web pages, emails, email attachments, pdfs, etc. JobTabs handles it all. 

Leverage Your Network     JobTabs is networking done right.

  • Networking is not about 'me', networking is about 'we'.
  • JobTabs not only keeps your resume, but the resumes of your contacts. Keep their elevator pitch and a resume for reference and you will quickly become the networking contact of choice in your field.

Too often software to support job seekers focuses on simply pooling postings from the internet. Where they fall short is they don't lend themselves to supporting the job seeker at every stage of the process. Finding an opportunity to pursue is easy - getting the interview is the real challenge. Give JobTabs Job Search and Resume Builder a once over and we think you will agree.


JobTabs, LLC is an Intel Software Partner






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