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Saving Jobs from the Internet  [Duration 1:41]

Have you ever been called about a job you applied to and couldn't remember the details? Those days are behind you as JobTabs can save the details of every job you find on the web - permanently. Take a look at this video to see how its done.


Creating Search Agents [Duration 3:40]

The boredom of repetitive work is one of the most draining aspects of the job search. See how automated job search agents can deliver new jobs to you without any repetitive typing.


Resumes in Multiple Formats [Duration 4:15]

Send your resume as a doc, docx, pdf, rtf, html, txt in ANSI or txt in unicode!  You don't even need to have MS Word or Adobe Acrobat on your machine.  JobTabs provides all of the functionality for you!


Managing Multiple Resumes [Duration 3:40]

At the heart of JobTabs is its ability to manage multiple resumes. Multiple resumes allow you to tailor your experience to each job posting thereby putting your best foot forward for each opportunity.


Standard Resume Name [Duration 2:14]

Impress upon the employer that you are fully committed to working in one and only one capacity. You have no inclination to any other field other than the one you are applying to and if you can't get a job in that capacity at this company, you will look for a job in that capacity at another company. This is the value of the Standard Resume Name.


Learn how to use the Job Application grid [Duration 6::39]

Keeping track of every detail of the job search is not only a hassle, but an organizational nightmare instead.  You need to apply to oodles of jobs, yet you need to make every employer feel as if it is their job that you want more than any.  If only you could remember which one that is . . . Check out the job application grid for effortless organization.  []


Apply to a Job Online via JobTabs [Duration 9:15]

Applying to jobs online is easy with a powerful tool like JobTabs Job Search & Resume.  Resumes are actually retrieved from inside of JobTabs.  The HTML of the page is even modified by JobTabs to give you instructions on what to do at each step.  


How to Build A Cover Letter Template [Duration 14:14]

Cover letter templates allow you to write one cover letter and have all of the repetitive fields filled in for you. All you need to do is focus on selling yourself to the opportunity at hand and then moving on to the next job listing.  []


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