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Your Private Hidden Data in Your Resume is Removed

Did you know that MS Word may be keeping a history of all of your editing changes, reviewer comments, print/save dates and names of people who have reviewed your resume? If so, your resume is saturated with what is called meta data. You may be passing around all of the editing changes to your resume and not even know it!

An excerpt of a study conducted by in 2005 revealed,

"As part of their research, Bitform analyzed more than 20,000 publicly-available documents found on the Web. Despite being published for public consumption, 97% of the Word documents contained author history, 74.8% contained paths (showing the location where the file was saved by the author), and 20.7% contained network share names (exposing corporate network naming conventions). Forty percent of the PowerPoint presentations contained earlier versions of modified slides, which are not visible to the author when using the PowerPoint application."

Bitform has since been acquired by Stellent which has since been acquired by Oracle. Oracle conducted a follow up study. The study can be downloaded from the Oracle website or our website. (It is the same report, we just keep a backup copy in case Oracle moves the original.)

The Risks of Metadata and Hidden Information from the Oracle website

The Risks of Metadata and Hidden Information from the JobTabs website.

If the big guys are getting caught with their pants down, how are the individual job seekers doing? We would venture - poorly. Can you imagine what the companies receiving your resume have extracted from it?

JobTabs automatically removes all the metadata from your resume everytime you email, upload or export your resume from JobTabs Job Search & Resume.